There are 2 types of passion: One is good. The other is very bad.

I invited Adam Alter, NYT best-selling author, and professor at NYU, to explain the difference.

I find myself walking the line between these “good” and “bad” passions. Especially when it comes to my business.

You may notice the same thing.

So, here’s what I’d like to hear from you…

Leave a quick comment sharing your personal experience with each type of passion. Also, if you know someone who may struggle with the same issue, can you do me a favor? Share it.

Also, here’s what else you can expect from this 30 minute interview:

* There are two types of passion. One is good. The other is very bad. Find out which one you have and why.

* Two simple ways to break bad habits: distract and replace. Adam walks you through each example in the video.

* Why you should read Adam Alter’s new book Irresistible.