Before Lin Eleoff joined Yes Engines, she thought “sales” was a dirty word. Today she knows how to sell with confidence without feeling sleazy.

“[Derek] blew out all the preconceived notions that marketing and selling would be sales-y or sleazy, and also in a way that said, ‘Look, if you’ve got something to sell, you’re going to have to get up and sell it. So let me show you the way to sell it that feels good and genuine while continuing to be helpful and of service to people.’”

But before Yes Engines taught Lin HOW to sell, she had to overcome an even more basic doubt about her whole career path…

She Didn’t Want to Be “One of Those Kind of Lawyers”…
But a Life Coach? Really?

As I mentioned, Lin is a lawyer. And we all have an image of what a typical lawyer’s career is supposed to look like. Working at a big firm. Looong hours. Charging people for Xeroxing…

But Lin didn’t want to be “one of those kinds of lawyers:”

“I just knew that I didn’t want to be one of those kinds of lawyers, you know, the law firm kind, working 80 hours a week and all that. So I think I’ve definitely always had the entrepreneurial spirit, not the corporate spirit.”

You see, Lin was always interested in self-development. And she was already writing a blog to inspire other women to reach their goals.

Lin knew it in her heart. She felt it in her gut. But in her mind, she still had one big hurdle to overcome:

“I had to overcome this whole notion of ‘Why would a lawyer become a life coach?’”

And that’s what kept her from going all-in.

Add to that the fact that so much of the sales material we get bombarded with just doesn’t ring true. You know, internet marketing of the worst kind. Big headlines. Blinking arrows.

So as a critical thinker, a lawyer, and someone more than familiar with self-development, Lin’s BS-detector has been finely tuned to sort the real experts from the fake gurus…

Discovering a more natural,
authentic approach to selling

Look, I’m all for selling. And selling hard.


Mainly because selling “from your heels” and being apologetic about it is weak. And it just doesn’t work.

But I also believe in only selling something you can stand behind 100%. In fact, if you believe in your product or service, I believe it’s your duty to sell. This is what I teach and show you how to implement in Yes Engines.

And it’s an approach to selling that Lin could finally get behind:

“I think Derek just has a much more natural approach, and he’s authentic. And I love his New York style, and he’ll give it to you straight. He will show you how to sell your product in a way that makes you feel excited to put your product out there and talk about it and feel comfortable — even when people don’t want to buy it.”

Through Yes Engines, Lin discovered the natural flow of being helpful, providing real value, and then offering your products and services for sale.

It crushed all of her preconceived notions about selling online:

“It didn’t have to be sales-y and sleazy and smarmy and all that. But it just was a genuine, authentic way to put yourself out there, by being of service first.”

And apparently, she likes my no-nonsense, NY style hehe…

“[Derek’s] Yes Engines videos were awesome because they really got clear about what it meant to sell and market your stuff. I just love [Derek’s] style. It’s very direct… no pussy-footing around here. ‘This is how you do it, and you know what? If you don’t like it, that’s okay – you can go play in another sandbox somewhere else.’”

For Lin, this was game-changing:

“It finally ‘clicked’ for me…”

Have you ever had one of those moments where you finally just “get it.” Maybe it’s advice you’ve heard or known for years, but then there’s that Aha-moment when it finally “clicks.”

That’s what happened for Lin with Yes Engines:

“It all clicked for me this year. It’s like hitting a tennis ball or a golf ball right in the sweet spot.”

Remember how she was afraid to sell her life coaching services because she was stuck in her corporate lawyer mindset? Remember how she was afraid to charge for her life coaching services?

Well, now she’s excited about being a life coach and selling her products and services unapologetically:

“This is a business. And even when people come along and say, “Oh, now you’re going to start charging for this stuff?” The way [Derek] handles that is, “Of course, this is a business. Of course, I’m going to charge for this. You know, I’m trying to live.”

This is amazing. And it shows you that the Yes Engines training is not just about the tactics and how to sell. Yes, that’s all covered and laid out step-by-step.

But most importantly, this training can help you change your whole mindset when it comes to charging for your products and services.

Here’s Lin’s recommendation:

“If you really love what you’re selling, then [Derek] will show you how to take that excitement about your product or service and sell it without selling it. Sell it because it just comes out of you naturally — and that’s infectious.”


“[If I was talking to someone who wasn’t] familiar with sales and marketing or how to put their stuff out there in a way that was truly authentic and comfortable for them, then I would say, ‘You have to get Yes Engines because Derek gives it to you straight, no bull, and it’s real.’”

Lin overcame her fear of selling. Today she’s able to sell with confidence and excitement… without feeling guilty about it.

Are you ready to make that shift?

If the answer is yes…

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