Gabriela Pereira, who runs DIYMFA, had a simple, and common problem:

She had a great product, but it just wasn’t selling as well as she knew it should.

“I knew the quality wasn’t the problem with the programs I was building and selling, but I was baffled as to why the sales weren’t what I would have liked them to be.”

Yes Engines helped her close the gap between her sales expectations and her actual sales. And she increased revenue by 500%!

Here’s how…

From the “Voodoo” Approach to Selling…

So, you know the problem isn’t the quality of your product. Rather, it’s somewhere in the “voodoo magic” that happens when you sell it.

That’s exactly how it felt for Gabriela:

“[Selling] feels like voodoo magic sometimes. You don’t really know what’s going to happen with sales, and I really wanted to see how Derek was going to approach the sales piece that really does, at times, feel very hit or miss.”

Whenever she tried to sell something, it was either “hit” or “miss.” But she didn’t know why!

“What I wanted out of the course was understanding the ‘sales formula,’ and I’m doing air quotes because I know there’s no real formula, but learning how sales work and knowing how to adapt that to my voice. That’s what Yes Engines showed me.”

And she’s exactly right. There’s no fill-in-the-blank formula. But it’s not magic either. And when you follow the step-by-step system I’ve developed and refined over the past 10+ years, you’re no longer tapping in the dark.

…to a Sales System that Just Works

Look, it doesn’t matter what you sell. The elements of a successful sales process are always the same.

Inside Yes Engines, I break it down to the 10 must-have parts. Some of them are subtle. Others are obvious. Unfortunately, a lot of people even miss the obvious parts, like making a clear and strong offer. Here’s what Gabriela has to say about that:

“I was that classic person who would slide the offer in after the great content. The moment when I realized that it was actually a disservice to my audience not to make a straightforward offer, that was a light-bulb moment for me.”

The best part about this is that the system works at every level. Whether you’re just starting out, or planning your next 6-figure launch:

“Part of the cool thing with this course — and all of Derek’s stuff — is that it can work on different levels. It doesn’t only have to apply to people that are doing the big fancy, flashy launches, it can also apply to someone who is doing something more grass roots.”

De-mystifying the sales process didn’t happen overnight for Gabriela…

…but eventually, she got the results she was always hoping for.

More Students + Higher Prices = 5X in Sales

And the results speak for themselves:

“Usually I would get ten or fifteen students in a “semester,” and the winter (January) term was even fewer than that. This last launch, I got twenty-three, but at a higher price point, and during my slowest time of year. Basically five times the sales.”

Did it happen overnight? No – Gabriela didn’t implement everything she learned inside Yes Engines with her first launch. That’s not only honest but also totally natural.

And while the hard numbers – like increasing revenue 5-fold – is pretty amazing, it’s even more satisfying that she finally felt comfortable with the whole idea of selling:

“This last launch was the first time I really felt good about a launch. Not just good about the results but also the fact that I had the right voice and the right tone in the way I promoted my work. I also wasn’t pulling back and underselling. I felt confident but not pushy. I also felt excited to be sharing my work with my people.”

So how would Gabriela summarize her progress?

“For me a huge part of the progress that I’ve made has been being able to step into a place where I don’t feel gross about selling. Part of that is getting over the limiting belief that selling is sleazy or smarmy. Another part of it is also understanding my way of doing it and finding the words and the voice so I can do it in a way that feels authentic and right in my bones.”

Still on the Fence About Joining Yes Engines?
Here’s Gabriela’s Advice…

Finally, I asked Gabriela about her advice to anyone who’s considering enrolling in Yes Engines.

Here’s what she said:

“People make so many excuses for why they can’t do something and at some point, you need to call yourself on your own BS and just do it. If you’ve read the case study, if you’ve read enough about the course, then what are you still doing on the fence?”

Her words, not mine. But I certainly agree… Those who do nothing, achieve nothing. So what are you going to do?

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