High-pressure sales tactics did only one thing for Edgar:

Push his customers away.

Making a sale seemed to get more and more difficult.

You see, Edgar Ramirez is a business coach based in Mexico City. And he runs his company Ology Coaching.

But things changed after he implemented a Yes Engines strategy called “BAB.” Today 80% of Edgar’s business is online, and he’s ready to scale to the next level.

“I learned a different way to communicate with my tribe, more engaging and more inspiring.”

Keep reading if you’ve ever had a sales pitch fall completely flat…

When Instead of Sales You Get
“Crickets” or Complaints

Has this ever happened to you?

People are happy to take your free advice. But when it comes to your sales pitch all you get is…


Or worse:

You send an offer to your email list. But instead of sales, all you get is complaints.

That was Edgar’s problem…

You see, he was using some old school, high-pressure sales tactics. He bombarded his audience with sales pitch after sales pitch. And what happened?

He pushed his customers away:

“My process was a promotion, literally a sales pitch, and every time people didn’t want to hear the sales pitches.”

It got to the point where Edgar didn’t even expect to make any sales anymore:

“Every time people realize that your next mail is a sales pitch is it will probably be deleted.”

Now here’s the REAL problem with that approach:

Every time you do it, it gets so much harder to make another sale in the future. See Edgar’s experience:

“I used to promote my training to my tribe with just a sale pitch, nothing more, and every time was more difficult to sell my programs.”

Look, people get tired of the same old sales tricks and tactics. And they’ll see right through them. They don’t want – or need – another out-of-the blue sales pitch in their inbox. It just doesn’t work.

When you pitch-pitch-pitch you push people past what I call the “never gonna buy” line. Meaning: They’re never gonna buy from you again.

That’s why the Yes Engines system is designed to attract the right people and BUILD DESIRE first…

The Key to Delivering a
More Persuasive Sales Message

Edgar had been using the pitch-pitch-pitch approach to selling. And it didn’t work. People didn’t want to hear about his offers. But…

“Things changed with Yes Engines because I understood that sending the right [email] sequence is the key to have people engaged and then they literally ask you to send the offer, they are desperate to hear what you have to offer and how solve their problem.”

Using a Yes Engines strategy called BAB, Edgar was able to actually get people excited for his offers.

It all starts with knowing what your customers really want. Which, I know, is easier said than done… You need to know where to look. You need to read between the lines. And you need to put it in the right words.

And that’s why inside Yes Engines I also teach you my secrets to get inside your customer’s head:

“I understood their dreams, their pains and what they really want and how to communicate to them.”

Once Edgar, applied these insights to his approach to selling, his business started to shift.

A Transformed Business, Ready to Scale With
More Clients Around the Globe

You see, Edgar’s business was always limited to training local business coaches. If someone from out of town wanted to come in for a training, travel costs often made it impossible:

“All of my trainings before [I joined] Yes Engines were in our facilities. People had to reserve some days to come to the training and pay expenses and everything, that was difficult for me because most of my new coaches were local and those from other countries sometimes needed to invest more in travel and expenses than the training itself.”

This is the whole reason Edgar wanted to take his coaching online. Thanks to what he learned inside Yes Engines, he was able to make that shift in his business:

“I can say now that 80% of my trainings are online. I couldn’t do it without Yes Engines as I wouldn’t know how to communicate my value.”

Take Your Business Online and
Start Selling with Confidence

Finally, I asked Edgar about his biggest insight after joining Yes Engines and what he thinks about the system as a whole.

Here’s what he said:

“The most important thing for me besides the numbers and the growth of my business was the mindset I have now. This is a great opportunity if you want to learn how to communicate better with your tribe and start selling online with confidence.”

Yes Engines is now open, but enrollment is closing soon:

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